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IPKW Collection

When I walk through a factory, new dreams automatically arise

Industry Park Kleefse Waard (IPKW) approached Klaas Kuiken and Luuk Wiehink and asked them to design furniture for the new park restaurant 'De Waard'.  But, there was a slight catch... The furniture needed to be made out of waste materials produced by the companies located at the industry park.

Klaas and Luuk took the challenge and by intervening in the industrial production processes of the companies involved, they managed to create several showpieces that show the beauty of the manufacturing industry.

At this point, the IPKW Collection consists of lamps made out of micro fibre cloths (Freudenberg), chairs made out of aramid and accoya wood (Teijin Aramid, Accys Technologies) and table tops made out of recycled PET bottles (4Pet Recycling). Because the collection is constantly evolving, it is quite likely that there will be added more items in the future.  We will keep you posted!

Dutch Design Awards

The IPKW Collection was nominated for the Dutch Design Awards in the category 'Best Client' and exhibited during the Dutch Design Week 2015. The Best Client Award is awarded annually to the organization which implements design in the most professional way on strategic, sustainable and innovative level.

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